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Today’s healthcare system is flawed. Break free from the limitations of “sick-care” and discover what it means to live life FULLY optimized. A former champion men’s physique competitor and current 4x international best selling author in the optimized health care space, Jay Campbell is a global thought leader on hormones, biohacking and higher consciousness. Since returning from 12 days in The Sacred Valley of Peru, he's experienced a profound awareness of the importance of #RaisingTheVibration of humanity to reach planetary consciousness aka unconditional love. On the Jay Campbell Podcast, Jay interviews empowered servant leaders helping to propel humanity towards full spectrum optimization of the body-mind, heart and soul. Are you the best version of yourself? Claim: I AM Giving, Receiving and BE-ing Love! Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!
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Dec 25, 2018

We’re currently living in a toxic society: culturally, physically, emotionally and mentally. Between the sick care model, the war on masculinity, addiction and unhealthy habits, something has to be done. What is the unholy alliance that has culturally created this mess? How is biology uniting with culture and totally destroying our young men? Why is it so important for us to do regular mental work? On this episode, I am honored and humbled to be joined by Dr. Michael Miletic as we go in-depth with these issues and topics.

This is a lifelong pursuit of making ourselves better and making our attachments to the rest of the world better. -Dr. Michael Miletic  



  • The sick care model has created a population that is passive in their health. They don't become proactive in taking care of their health and only take action when they are in crisis.

  • Young men have no way to emote. No one understands them, and they turn to social media and video games for validation.

  • People don’t sleep because they take the stress of the day to bed with them.

At the start of the show, Dr. Miletic shared his story and how his interest in medicine was inspired by his mother’s illness. He also shared on how he got injured just before going to the Olympics and how he pulled himself out of depression when it happened. We talked about how society’s view of mental health and doing inner work is so flawed. Dr. Miletic shared on what he calls “algorithmic sick care” and all the issues it has caused for us culturally. We also talked about how biology is uniting with culture right now.


We also discussed:

  • Why the incidence of depression in injured athletes and retired athletes is very high
  • The issues with video game and social media addiction, and what parents can do
  • The power of systematizing your mental work

For the passive person who doesn’t take responsibility for their emotional, mental and physical health, it’s easy to blame genetics or someone else for everything that isn’t right. Self-aware people understand that they can empower themselves by doing the necessary mental work. It starts with being sensitized to your own feelings, being aware of what you’re feeling, using your emotions as signals that determine decision making and being able to read other people. The same goes for our physical health, as a lot of diseases and illnesses might be genetically predisposed, but they are lit up by the environment— and that is something we can control. When we work on both our minds and our bodies, we stand a chance to combat all the ills in our society.


Guest Bio-

Dr. Michael Miletic is a former Olympic athlete, prominent physician, specialist in clinical neuroscience and metabolic medicine who has originated and refined a unique system to reset the chemical balance in the brain and body. This unique system encompasses specialized lab testing, customized clinical evaluation techniques, energy systems stress response, hormone optimization and balancing, micronutrient replacement, immune response, gut health, inflammation determination and treatment, all integrated into a comprehensive assessment of health and performance. Go to for more information.

Dec 18, 2018

Evolution is all about improving as a species to ensure our survival, but we have created a fragile human system that is now hindering our evolution. How are EDCs playing a role in what’s going wrong? What are some of problems the sick care model has created? What health and environmental factors need to be tracked to really help someone be healthy in this highly toxic environment? On this episode, Apeiron Center co-founder and chief medical officer, Dr. Daniel Stickler gives insight on his experience, and the factors threatening our health and survival.

Every species has either died down or evolved, but we’ve stopped our evolution with all the things we’ve created. -Dr. Daniel Stickler


Three Takeaways

  • A good way to screen is to find out if someone cares about being optimized and not playing the victim is them paying for their health out of pocket (gym, supplements, doctors).

  • Sick care doctors are just trying to mitigate their own risk so it’s not about helping patients, it’s about protecting themselves.

  • Epigenetics and EDCs: We have correlation but we don’t have causation, a critical piece of evidence the government needs to take action.

At the start of the show, Dr. Daniel shared his background and how he got started. He shared why from his own experience, gastric bypass surgery isn’t successful in the long-term. Next, we talked about the asymmetric risk of going to a sick care doctor, and how we have negatively affected our own genetics. We also discussed how to know if someone really cares about getting optimized.


We also discussed;

  • What it will take to cause action to be taken on EDCs
  • How to get access to peptides you can trust
  • The victim mentality and why it’s so hard to help people nowadays

We are the architects and orchestrators of the fragile human system we find ourselves living in today. From EDCs to nutrition and blue lights, there are so many factors that are attacking us from all directions. To solve this, it’s not just about looking at the basics, we’re at a phase where tracking basics just isn’t enough. You have to look at everything that goes into that human system. You have to track the environmental pieces in relationship to everything else. That means looking at things like sleep, stress, supplementation, environment, and cognitive processing too.


Guest Bio-

Dr. Daniel L. Stickler is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential and Chief Science Officer for Apeiron Academy.  He is the visionary pioneer behind systems-based precision lifestyle medicine, a new paradigm that re-defines medicine from the old symptoms based disease model to one of limitless peak performance in all aspects of life. A physician to high-performing executives and entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their current state, he’s also an author, speaker, blogger and podcaster. He is the Medical Director for the Neurohacker Collective, a Google consultant for wearable technology, epigenetics, and AI in healthcare and a guest lecturer at Stanford University on Epigenetics in Clinical Practice.​ He discovered that lifestyle was the key to creating an optimized life and his journey to find the ideal approach to optimizing human potential took him on a path through functional medicine, alternative care, holistic, naturopathic, and age-management medicine. Go to for more information.

Dec 11, 2018

No matter what the numbers say, the amount of men suffering from symptoms of low testosterone proves there’s a crisis. How is the poor standard of care by doctors leading to suffering men who end up on sites like How are cash-pay hormone optimization clinics contributing to this? Why are pellets the most popular form of TOT? On this episode, I talk to Dr. Keith Nichols about the crisis in men’s health and how doctors are contributing to it.

Because we’re in a toxic environment, it is my belief that we are actually in need of more testosterone than ever to outcompete the EDC and androgen receptors. -Dr. Keith Nichols


Four Takeaways

  • There is now a third level of hypogonadism due to disruption at a cellular level.

  • Doctors are only taught how to treat with medication and surgery. They’re not taught how to prevent disease.

  • The worst assumptions made about hormone replacement therapy are that testosterone, DHT and estrogen cause prostate cancer. All of this has been shown to be untrue.

  • The only form of TRT widely prescribed is pellets, and that’s because they are an income generator for doctors. Medically, they are useless.

At the start of the show, we gave some background on the poor treatment most doctors are providing when it comes to HRT, and we talked about why websites like exist. We talked about the new classification of hypogonadism, Dr. Keith’s own experience with low testosterone and why medical schools aren’t teaching on the subject at a level that is commensurate with the knowledge out there.  

We also discussed:

  • The role politics and economics play in the vilification of testosterone
  • The so-called “3 boogeymen” of testosterone
  • Why most cash-pay, template-based hormone replacement clinics are doing more harm than good   

We’re in a toxic environment where EDCs are causing massive damage to the health of men. Natural testosterone levels are at an all-time low, and it’s set to get worse. Men need more testosterone urgently, and the restrictive nature of prescribing testosterone isn’t rising to the standard required. Yet doctors are treating according to numbers and not symptoms, which is where the real signs are. The reason this isn’t changing is because TOT is a form of preventive medicine and there is no profit margin for Big Pharma. This is why we need doctors who can break away from the system and help the people who so desperately need it.  



Dec 4, 2018

The sad truth about health insurance in America is that it isn’t making people any healthier or more optimized. How could medical cost sharing be a solution to this issue? What is the 3-step plan for revolutionizing healthcare? How can the introduction of health coaching actually alleviate a lot of the pressure placed on physicians? On this episode, I talk to influencer and founder of the Functional Forum, James Maskell, about how to change healthcare for the better.

If we’re all incentivized as a community to keep costs low and stay healthy, why don’t we do things to facilitate that? -James Maskell


Three Takeaways

  • Doctors know that the current sick care model is filled with problems, and that a change is needed.


  • Medical cost sharing can revolutionize healthcare​ and remove the unnecessarily high costs.​


  • A non-prescriber on the front end of medicine is a great strategy for reducing healthcare costs.

At the start of the show, James shared how he got into the world of functional medicine, and some of the issues that have been created by the sick care model. We also talked about why traditional healthcare is a scam that takes way too much money, and why a lot of people who care about optimization choose cash-pay instead. We talked about how the sick care model is also destroying the trust between patients and doctors.


We also discussed:

  • How doctors are short-changed by the system
  • How doctors can enroll and get trained with Knew Health
  • The 3-step plan to revolutionizing medicine


The most beneficial form of medicine looks a lot more like functional medicine than the sick care model. Medical cost sharing is a way to care for the people who can’t get help in the current model. If we can combine functional medicine with affordable, scalable solution with medical cost sharing, it will completely change the game. Instead of waiting for people to get sick, we’ve got to start being proactive, live with purpose, and be part of a community that prioritizes health.


Guest Bio-

James Maskell is the creator of Functional Forum and, the world’s largest integrative medicine conference. He is also the founder of The Evolution of Medicine. He lectures and hosts internationally, and has been featured on TEDMED, Huffpost Live, TEDx and more, and is a contributor to Huffington Post, KevinMD, thedoctorblog and MindBodyGreen. He serves on the faculty of George Washington University’s Metabolic Medicine Institute and has lectured to doctors on three continents. Go to for more information.

He is also the co-founder of Knew Health, a medical cost sharing company. Go to and use the cost calculator to see how much you would save with Knew Health.

Nov 27, 2018

The fields of stem cell treatment and regenerative medicine are about to break wide open in healthcare. Why are stem cells such a huge part of where medicine is going? Why is the sick care model so opposed to it? What are the common uses of stem cell treatments? On this episode, I talk to stem cell scientist and influencer, Dr. Kristin Comella, about the work she’s doing and her fight against the sick care model.

You can use the stem cells to your advantage to essentially make your technology work better. -Dr. Kristin Comella



  • If we actually get to the root cause of disease and address the underlying problems instead of the symptoms, there’s a risk to a lot of companies going out of business.

  • Most stem cells reside in our fat tissue. We can take them from there and apply them where we need them.  

  • The body is a machine, and it was designed to be awesome and capable of what we set our minds to. We have to change our self-talk, learn to appreciate the bodies we were given, and optimize them if we need to.  

At the start of the show, Dr. Kristin shared how he got started, and why the sick care system is not a fan of optimization and regenerative medicine. Next, we talked about how stem cell therapy works and where it can be applied. Dr. Kristin also shared the challenges she’s had with the US government.


We also discussed;

  • The power of combining a dialed in lifestyle with regenerative medicine
  • The importance of spiritual fitness
  • How the government is trying to shut down change-makers


In the shift from the sick care model to regenerative, preventative optimization medicine, stem cells are going to cause a huge paradigm shift and address so many issues in the human body. Researchers have discovered that stem cells can be applied to any sort of damaged tissue and that is set to completely revolutionize wellness and healing. This is available to all of us, as we all have stem cells. Their purpose is to maintain and heal tissue where they’re applied. The power to make ourselves better resides in us.  


Guest Bio-

Dr. Comella is a stem-cell scientist and a world-renowned expert on regenerative medicine with a focus on adipose derived stem cells. She was named number 24 on Terrapin’s list of the Top 50 Global Stem Cell Influencers and number 1 on the Academy of Regenerative Practices list of Top 10 Stem Cell Innovators. Most recently, Dr. Comella made the list of Top 50 Functional and Integrative Medical Doctors/Scientists in the country by, one of the most visited natural health websites in the world. Go to for more information, follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


To sign the My Cells, My Choice petition go to

Nov 20, 2018

Anabolic steroids get a really bad rep. The mainstream media vilifies them because of bodybuilders using supraphysiological doses. What are the benefits of anabolics when they are taken in physiological doses? What disruption do you create when you use supraphysiological doses of steroids and withdraw from them? On this episode, author, expert and scientific advisor, Dr. George Touliatos is back to talk about anabolic steroid misconceptions, optimization and bodybuilding.

In order to use anabolics  to get jacked, run faster, or jump longer, you need supraphysiological doses— but they have side effects. -Dr. George Touliatos  



  • In order to use anabolics to be good in sports, you need supraphysiological doses.
  • Lifestyle has an impact on the side effects of steroids. If you smoke, drink, use narcotics, or don’t eat healthy, you’re more likely to experience them.
  • HCG is good for optimization of hormones like pregnenolone, progesterone, and DHEA, and it improves fertility.
  • The optimal anti-aging dosage of growth hormone 2IUs.

At the start of the show, Dr. George shared how he got started, and the truth about anabolic steroids that we don’t hear in the media. Next we talked about the side effects of anabolic steroids and who is more likely to experience them. Dr. George also shared on his own experience with anabolics and why health is not a priority for a lot of professional bodybuilders.


We also discussed:

  • The physical and mental effects of steroid addiction
  • Misconceptions about “roid rage”
  • The lack of optimization doctors in Europe  


Anabolic steroids have a bad name in the media and in most people’s minds, but this view is based on the side effects of people who take supraphysiological doses. Physiological doses have benefits, but they do not have the performance enhancing and cosmetic results that are so vilified. There’s also the view of steroid users as super aggressive and angry, but that’s not how everyone reacts. The side effects and negative reactions have a lot more to do with the individual and the lifestyle they lead.


Guest Bio-

Dr. Touliatos is an author, expert and scientific advisor to MuscleMag and Muscular Development Greek editions. Buy his book here

You can find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Nov 13, 2018

Many guys use growth hormone in order to build up their body composition and reverse aging. Does it really achieve this, or does it actually do more harm than good? What is the pharmacology of injectable testosterone? What is the best way to work out if you want to live long and be functional? On this episode, I’m joined by the founder of Fortitude Training, Dr. Scott Stevenson, to go really deep on these topics.

People would rather inject something instead of just changing their lifestyle, but major lifestyle changes are have so much more payoff. -Dr. Scott Stevenson


Three Takeaways

  • Pharmacokinetics is what the body does to the drugs, and pharmacodynamics is what the drug does to the body.  
  • When you just give 22 kDA growth hormone, you’re not really replacing growth hormone from an endogenous production standpoint, because the body produces two forms of it.
  • One of the side effects of growth hormone administration is the loss of insulin sensitivity.
  • Metabolic stress is a very important stimulus for muscle growth.

At the start of the show, Scott shared why greatest thing that can come from our lives is learning to be self-actualized, and why so few people reach that point. Next we talked about interindividual differences that play a role In the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of injectable testosterone. We also talked about the two types of growth hormones, and how replacement therapy only deals with one of them.  


We also discussed:

  • Training over 40 and the beauty of resistance training
  • What causes the antibody response with growth hormone
  • The counterfeiting crisis with growth hormone


Increasing growth hormone does nothing for life expansion, and its impact on body composition is not significant. You basically end up with a bunch of negative side effects, which don’t bode well from an anti-aging and health standpoint. While it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective for us to look for the quick fix and the easy way out, there is no injection that can take the place of a healthy lifestyle, eating well, working out and getting enough sleep. If we want a real payoff with our health, this is where we should put our effort.


Guest Bio-

Dr. Scott W. Stevenson, PhD, LAc is an applied exercise physiologist (PhD from University of Georgia, ACSM and NSCA-certified), licensed acupuncturist (State of Florida) and competitive bodybuilder (four overall titles, including the 2009 NPC Mr. Arizona, and four top 5 national level showings). He is the founder of Fortitude Training and the author of a few books including Fortitude Training and Be Your Own Body Building Coach. Scott has over thirty years in the gym and two decades of experience personal training and coaching online. Go to for more information.

Nov 6, 2018

In a bid to get optimized, many men end up buying grey market steroids which do a lot of harm. What are the problems a lot of men are facing because of these products? What protocols would a smart doctor put in place to wean them off? What is the first step to a doctor helping their patients? On this episode, I’m joined by the Anabolic Doc, Dr. Thomas O’Connor, to talk about his work and the men he helps.

Every man has a fingerprint, which means I tailor his medicine just for him. -Dr. Tom O’Connor


Three Takeaways

  • There are 2 kinds of side effects: cosmetic and life-threatening. What brings out the side effects for most men is either genetics or lifestyle choices.
  • Every man on androgen is going to have an increased red blood cells.
  • Most standard doctors aren’t dealing with testosterone because everything that goes into treating a patient is too complicated.

At the start of the show, Dr. Connor shared how he got started and why he works with men exclusively. Next we talked about why so many primary care docs avoid diagnosing for low T, and Dr. Connor shared the complications that make doctors hesitant to do this. We also gave a list of the some of the impacts of testosterone, including hair loss and puffiness. Dr. Connor talked about how he helps people who abused grey market steroids, and the use of weaning protocols.


We also discussed:

  • What causes TOT side effects
  • Preferred delivery methods for long term use of testosterone
  • The importance of listening to the patient

TOT comes with side effects, which are controllable, but only doctors who are well-versed in all the facets of treatment can really help patients. This knowledge takes time and effort to gain, and most primary care physicians don’t have the time to dedicate toward it. For doctors with time and a passion for testosterone optimization, it’s not about rushing to treatment. Everything starts with a handshake, a sit-down, and a conversation to find out what’s going on. This helps doctors tailor the right approach for each patient.


Guest Bio-

Dr. O’Connor is the Physician-In-Chief at the Metabolic Doc and the Anabolic Doc. His medical practice consists of a range of specialized, comprehensive and preventative medical services exclusively for men:  Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Anabolic Recovery Medicine, and Metabolic Men’s Health – focusing on aggressive cardiovascular disease prevention, quality of life, and prostate health. Go to for more information.

Nov 1, 2018

Having more visceral fat on your body is associated with a higher mortality rate. What are the risk factors that come with a higher rate of visceral fat? How does weightlifting and cardio fit into a plan to reduce it? How can you become more self-regulating? On this episode, doctors and I talk about the dangers of visceral fat and tips, hacks and strategies to reduce it.

Three Takeaways

You can eat and get ripped on a diet that’s not necessarily healthy for your arteries.

High protein diets in certain individuals will escalate inflammatory markers, but Mediterranean diets work very well.

A device like the Skulpt Body Fat Scanner can help you keep track of your body and make you more self-aware and self-regulating.

When you build muscle the bone will follow.


At the start of the show, Dr. Rob talked about his upcoming presentations, and then the doctors shared their strategies for reducing visceral fat including diet, exercise and supplements. The doctors also talked about the importance of being realistic about what their patients can do with their health. We also talked about the importance of getting real exercise, not walking the dog or doing steady state cardio. “If you want to burn fat, you have to incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT), low intensity, long duration exercise doesn’t work for fat burning.” We also answered questions on structural integration, the use of peptides and joint issues


We also talked about:

  • Mediterranean diet vs. animal protein-based diets
  • Mistakes people make with exercise
  • Biomedical systems you can include in your life to get feedback about your body


Visceral fat is hazardous to health because it plays a role in the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer if it goes unchecked. It’s so important to come up with a targeted plan to get rid of hormonally active visceral fat because it will make a big difference to your health. Get your visceral fat measured by a doctor or invest in a biomedical tool that allows you to measure it yourself. Reduce your intake of alcohol, bread, sugar and soda and adopt a Mediterranean diet. Exercise is necessary too, even 20 minutes of HIIT training on an Assault Bike will make a huge difference.

Oct 30, 2018

Estrogen is something so many doctors are taught to fear, and women are suffering because of it. How does estrogen affect the minds and bodies of women, and what happens when they are deficient? What are the 4 generations of HRT, and where does each go wrong? What are some of the biggest mistakes being made in the use of estrogen? On this episode, I talk to researcher, and founder of Moxie Menopause, Marie Hoag, about the biggest fallacies around estrogen and how to help women live better lives through optimization.

Estrogen dictates how all the other hormones are going to function in the body for women. -Marie Hoag


Three Takeaways

  • You know you’re going to the wrong doctor when you’re prescribed birth control as hormones.
  • It’s important for a menstrual cycle to have rhythmic dosing and peaks and valleys. The peak is important because it triggers a hormone receptor response that is critical for estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid, insulin.
  • Estrogen and progesterone need to be looked at as two halves of one main sex hormone.
  • A static dose of estrogen is what ends up burning people’s receptors.


At the start of the show, Marie shared how she got started, her own experience and how patients can know if they are getting optimized at all when they work with a doctor. Next she shared on the generations of HRT and their impact on women’s bodies. We also talked about why pellets are so terrible, “anybody who is actually practicing evidence-based medicine in the hormonal optimization space knows that pellets are a farce.” We also went onto discuss why so many diets are fallacies and how they affect estrogen-deficient women.


We also discussed;

  • The importance of taking HRT to the more advanced stages
  • How all hormones are affected by just one peak of estrogen
  • Why estrogen is the self-esteem hormone for women  


Estrogen is to women what testosterone is to men. It is vital for the functioning of all hormones in the body. It solves a multitude of health concerns including mood disorders, but again many fallacies and misconceptions keep it from being used correctly or being used at all. If estrogen is not being administered in a manner that mimics the body’s own production you risk obliterating receptors and doing more harm. Doctors have to make sure patients get on some good, advanced HRT so they can actually properly detoxify estrogen out of the system and eliminate estrogen dominance. If they are still being taught that estrogen is bad, we won’t get to the advanced stages that will save women.


Guest Bio-
Marie is a Clinical Hormone coach, Menopause and Hormone Medical Practice Consultant, Educator, and HRT Patient Coach. She is the founder of Menopause Moxie. Go to for more information.

Oct 25, 2018

The number of people in their 30s walking around with osteoporosis and osteopenia is staggering. Why is this issue so largely overlooked? How can people start improving their musculoskeletal systems and bone density? Why is the insurance system within medicine a waste of time and a hamster wheel? On this episode, I am joined by Dr Jim Meehan, Dr Rob Kominiarek, Dr. John Crisler and Dr. Sean Breen continue with our biological systems series, tackling the musculoskeletal system today.


Three Takeaways

Geroprotection is a better term to use instead of anti-aging. You can protect yourself from the effects of aging, but you can’t stop it.  

The strength of our musculoskeletal system is dependent on microfractures, micro-tears and repairs and this is why movement and resistance training are so necessary.

Medical boards have almost unlimited power. They are the end all be all with no supervision and oversight. That’s a huge part of the problem.


At the start of the show, we talked about the issues with the sick care model and the doctors who are getting taken down by the medical board for trying to step out of the system. We also talked about why you just can’t make a difference in the sick care model and if there’s anything we can do to help fellow physicians. We also talked about how to improve bone health through lifestyle changes.


We also discussed:

  • Why anti-aging is a dangerous term to use
  • How hormones can be used regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle
  • How doctors are contributing to bone health issues


People are constantly trying to look for shortcuts to solve issues that can easily get fixed by simple lifestyle changes. When it comes to bone health, every conversation about the musculoskeletal system has to start with getting off the couch, moving and being active. Following from that, we have to cut out sugar and alcohol. All these things will affect the strengths of our musculoskeletal, and make more of a difference than any drug can.

Oct 23, 2018

Too many people remain in the dark— unoptimized, miserable, and in denial because they don’t do the internal work to overcome their demons. Why is swallowing the ego the first step to solving our internal problems? Can we address the lack of strong masculine figures in our society? How is our society rapidly getting weakened? On this episode, Marcus Torgerson is back to talk about the importance of optimization and doing the internal work, as well as the worsening crisis in masculinity.

History has shown that the easiest people to collect are the weakest minded. -Marcus Torgerson


Three Takeaways

  • People grow the most in life when they’ve gone through some difficult times.
  • Our bodies are the only vessels we have in this life, and it’s our job to prioritize them.
  • You have to be willing to do the internal work and give up the ego. No amount of money or outward perfection will compensate for that.


At the start of the show Marcus shared how he’s managing after an injury, and he talked about the nightmare of trying to find an optimization doctor. Next, we discussed why optimization is so important and who is to blame for the crisis young men are facing.

We also covered:

  • The importance of individual accountability  
  • Why Marcus prioritizes taking care of his body
  • Why gaming is the greatest threat to masculinity

When we feel broken or defeated internally, it directly affects our physicality and mentality. No amount of money or looking good on the surface will fulfill us if we don’t really love or trust ourselves. There is a targeted attack aimed at men to make them docile, weak-minded and easy to control. Optimization is our means of fighting back and reclaiming our power.


Guest Bio-

Marcus is the Owner and Lead Instructor at IKMF Krav Maga. He is certified in teaching Civilians, Women, Children, Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, and Technical Shooting. Go to for more information.

To get in touch DM him on Instagram

Oct 18, 2018

For patients who have experienced cardiovascular issues, special attention must be paid when it comes to optimization. Why is good dental care so critical for treating these patients? Is a super micro dose of a statin a responsible therapy for an optimized person? How do our physicians treat them to maintain their health? On this episode, Dr. Crisler, Dr. Meehan, Dr. Kominiarek, and Dr. Nichols and I discuss optimization of cardiovascular and circulatory health.


Three Takeaways

  • Chronic opioid therapy will always drop natural testosterone levels.
  • For vascular patients, eating foods that help increase nitric oxide secretion like spinach, arugula, beets and beet juice is great.
  • If you can’t get vitamin D naturally, take 1000mg for every 25 pounds of body weight if you’re caucasian. For non-caucasian people,1500mg per 25g of body fat will do.
  • Take care of your teeth. Plaque build up in the gum line can cause a terrible coronary event because embryologically, the mouth and heart are in the same sack.


At the start of the show, we talked about a recent story about an optimization doctor who is in trouble after a patient’s death, even though the real cause was opioid therapy. The doctors then shared how they manage a cardiovascular patient, the types of supplements they use and the foods they recommend. We also talked about the importance of good dental care.

We also discussed:

  • The value of getting your vitamin D levels up
  • The use of Niacin and side effects
  • Why statins are bad news
  • The importance of avoiding processed foods


Diet and lifestyle have to really be dialed in for a patient with any circulatory issues. That means eating vegetables and meat with low fat and sourcing food that is as organic or locally grown as possible. It’s also very important to get your vitamin D up, either naturally or through supplementation. Good dental care is very important because the overload of plaque can cause a coronary event.

Oct 16, 2018

Most people think body fat is just an aesthetic thing, but its effects on our health are very real and very dangerous. Why is testosterone optimization such a great way to combat body fat? What are the other factors that contribute to the overall health of a patient? How can patients with erectile dysfunction get help, and how does addressing it improve their relationships? On this episode, I talk with Dr. Breen about why TOT is such a game changer and how it can benefit relationships in addition to physical health.

The more fat you have on your body, the more inflamed you are. It's a fertilizer for all disease in the body. -Dr. Sean Breen


Three Takeaways

  • Fat cells are extremely inflammatory. Body fat is biologically active, and it is the basis for a lot of preventable diseases and health issues.
  • Testosterone is incorrectly lumped in with the substance abuse associated with the bodybuilding community.
  • The truth is that men’s sexual performance declines as they age, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. There are many options out there that can help.


At the start of the show, Dr. Sean shared how he got started and gave his own experience with testosterone optimization. We talked about how fat cells are extremely inflammatory, and how testosterone helps with this. Dr. Sean also shared on some of the ways he helps men with erectile dysfunction.

We also talked about:

  • Why so many physicians won’t publicly support the use of testosterone
  • Why optimization has to go with a healthy lifestyle
  • How Dr. Sean helps women as well


Dr. Sean Breen believes there’s no bigger game changer and problem solver for men’s health than testosterone. For a guys who are eating clean, controlling stress, exercising, and getting enough sleep, hormone optimization will completely transform their lives. It will also impact their happiness and the level of intimacy in their marriages. Optimization also has a huge impact on body composition, which doesn’t just improve how you look— it also reduces your risk of inflammation. If you team up with a physician who is evidence-based, knows their stuff, and is dedicated to their patient-care, the benefits are endless.


Guest Bio-

Dr. Breen is an Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine Specialist.

During his 9-year career as a Navy medical officer, he spent 4 years as a battalion surgeon with 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, California. Following his decorated military career, Dr. Breen shifted his focus to preventative medicine. Dr. Breen is the founder and medical director for Dr. Sean Breen, PC. His clinic is the premier medical clinic in preventative, functional and regenerative medicine in Southern California. His goal is to restore optimal health and prevent disease before it becomes symptomatic. He has developed an annual health plan that walks patients step-by-step through the healing process over an entire year. Go to for more information.

Oct 9, 2018

Most women are taught to avoid weightlifting out of fear of bulking up. However, this is a huge missed opportunity, and even a danger to their health. Why is weightlifting important from an age management perspective? What is the surprising truth about the use of testosterone in the treatment of breast cancer? On this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Mickey Barber for an awesome, in-depth conversation about some of the frontline treatments and methods that keep her patients looking and feeling great.

If you’re not doing weight training, you’re going to waste away and the muscle will be replaced with fat. -Dr. Mickey Barber


Three Takeaways

  • Hormone replacement for women is not only safe, but also instrumental in the prevention of diseases.
  • Using TOT for breast cancer treatment was actually normal in the 1940s until pharmaceutical companies got involved. Testosterone down-regulates the estrogen receptors that are up-relegated with breast cancer.
  • Weightlifting for women: Whatever you work out with at the gym has to be heavier than your handbag.  


At the start of the show, Dr. Mickey shared how she got started, the health challenges she faced, and how that led her down the path of optimization. We also discussed the importance of building muscle for women, and why medicine is 40% science and 60% art and intuition. Dr. Mickey also talked about different peptides and the varying benefits they have.

We also discussed:

  • Why we can’t use blanket statements when it comes to nutrition
  • If hormone replacement is safe for women
  • How low bone density can be reversed


It’s natural for us to lose bone density and muscle as we get older. When we lift weights, we’re tearing the muscle down and building it back up through nutrition and supplements providing protein and amino acids. Without this, we would simply shrivel away. Until our evolution catches up with our lifespan, we have to do something about it and consistent weight training is the way. Optimizing hormones also helps, but it can’t be in isolation. Lifestyle is still important, so we also have to also prioritize sleep, fitness and nutrition.

Guest Bio-

Dr. Mickey is the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Medical Officer at Better Life Carolinas. She offers an integrative approach to age management medicine while providing the patient with an assessment of hormonal balance and overall health and disease risk. Her philosophy for successful aging includes maintaining energy, health, and sexual vigor through shared responsibility of the patient-doctor team. Dr. Barber not only teaches her patients about hormonal balance but practices such balance herself. She has competed in Masters level figure competitions at the age of 48 placing second and ten years later competing to a standing ovation. Given a strong family history of heart disease and cancer, she takes her health very seriously and is a living example of the benefits of the program. Go to for more information.

Oct 2, 2018

Even with today’s unprecedented access to information, there are still a lot of misconceptions around nutrition and fitness. How is mineral and vitamin deficiency affecting our health? How can we change our mindset and habits for better health? How has social media influenced perception of weightlifting? On this episode, I’m joined by former Mr. Universe and owner of the best gym in Asia, Bart Van der Molen, as he shares insights on nutrition, fitness, and bodybuilding.

Three Takeaways

  • Every chronic disease is because of a mineral deficiency.
  • The body’s best source of Vitamin D is the sun, and when we take artificial Vitamin D, we actually mess up our ability to absorb it from the sun.
  • Many people who are struggling with weight lie to themselves by saying it’s a disease instead of the result of habits and choices. People hide behind these lies to be more socially acceptable.
  • A lot of African countries are gaining weight to the same level as the US because of the influence of American fast food.


At the start of the show, Bart shared he got started and how Muscle Factory was born. He also talked about the rules of his gym and how they are different from others. We discussed how Instagram has driven the shift in how certain workouts are viewed. We also talked about some of the health issues obese people have and why food is so addictive to them.  

We also discussed:

  • Why we have a love-hate relationship with social media
  • Why it’s easier to help athletic people change their habits
  • The supplements Bart uses to prepare for competitions


If we were to prioritize giving people the minerals they need, we’d solve many health problems. We shouldn’t be making being unhealthy a socially acceptable thing because it doesn’t alleviate the danger people are putting themselves in. Ultimately, we have to change not only the habits of these people, but their mindset and psychology.

Guest Bio-
Bart is the founder and owner of Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a former Mr. Universe. Go to for more information.

Sep 25, 2018

From BPA, to birth control and red food coloring, we’re being constantly assaulted by artificial estrogens— and the effects on our population are catastrophic. Why makes them such dangerous, silent poisons? What are some of the most common sources? How can we make things better? On this episode, I am joined by Anthony G Jay, the author of the amazing book, Estrogeneration. We discuss just how bad this issue is and share what we can all do to protect our health.

America is not beyond fixing. We just have to make these chemicals illegal. -Dr. Anthony G. Jay


Three Takeaways

Male feminization is happening, but it’s so politically charged that doctors are scared to talk about it.

Testosterone and estrogen go all the way into the DNA and act on it directly. This is why these hormones are so potent and have so many effects.

The most common sources of artificial estrogens are parabens, phthalates, BPA, birth control, red food coloring, and atrazine.


At the start of the show, Anthony shared his story and how he got into this study. Next, we talked about some of the studies that indicate just how bad things are and reveal some of the sources of these chemicals. We also talked about some of the measures we can put in place, such as water filters.


We also discussed:

  • Why you can’t have conventional beef anymore
  • How veganism creates health problems
  • What parents can do to help their kids

People have no idea just how much of a crisis we’re facing and how many artificial estrogens we come into contact with daily. Estrogen is so potent, and it’s something we should be alarmed about because it has the ability to alter our DNA and stem cells. We can fight it through exercise and positive estrogen regulators like sulforaphanes. Ultimately, we must avoid ingesting anything containing artificial estrogen. If we can’t avoid it, we should balance it out with optimization. That is the only chance we have.

Guest Bio-

Dr. Anthony G. Jay is a scientist and DNA Consultant. He is the author of the spectacularly informative book: Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics are Making You Fat, Sick and Infertile. For more information, go to, follow Anthony on Twitter @anthonygjay or find his book on Amazon.

Sep 18, 2018

A chronic lack of sleep leads to many biological system breakdowns and difficulties, but so few people prioritize getting a good night’s sleep. What role does our mattress play in the quality of sleep we get? What other factors affect our sleep? How can we avoid shortening the life span of our mattresses?

On this episode, mattress and sleep expert Samuel Smith joins me to talk about the importance of paying attention to sleep, and why we need to be mindful of the quality of bed we sleep in.

When your body isn’t getting enough sleep, it’s going to make up for the lack of sleep in other ways. The simplest way to do it is to store calories. -Samuel Smith


Three Takeaways

  • Our quality of sleep is affected by several factors including heat, pressure, movement, and pinch points. Light and sound are the two biggest ones.
  • The light from your electronic device tells your brain the sun’s up, but we’re not designed to be nocturnal.
  • When we’re sleeping, we want to be in a straight line. Over time, beds start to dip in the center which puts pressure on our spines.


The world is starting to wake up to the importance of sleep and how much it impacts the functionality of so many of our biological processes. Sleep affects our moods, the work we do, and even our body’s ability to lose weight. We spend 1/3 of our lives on our mattresses, so it’s insanely important to find one that gives us quality sleep. When we prioritize getting 8 hours of quality sleep everyday, we’ll see benefits in every area of our lives.

Sep 13, 2018

The mainstream media has a lid on this subject of therapeutic testosterone and how great it is. What are the factors causing this ignorance and demonization of TOT? How has the era of toxic masculinity impacted this? What is causing the epigenetic shifts we’re seeing? And the biggest question of all - is it being done on purpose? On this episode, I talk to Dr. Jim Meehan, Dr. John Crisler and Dr. Merrill Matschke about these very important and very urgent issues in our society.

We’re going to a cliff and our hope is those of us who have elevated ourselves to understand what’s really happening at a biological level. Without that, we’re going to get left behind. -Dr. Merrill Matschke


Three Takeaways

The reasons for the demonization of testosterone range from fear and stupidity to corporate greed and biased studies.  

Mainstream media is on a warpath against masculinity and it has permeated all the literature, putting testosterone in a bad light.

Men with low sperm count have a high incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease, so paying attention to testosterone is critical.

The toxicity of our environment and food supply is making women and men more similar biologically and reproductively.


At the start of the show, I shared on my experience trying to talk to the mainstream media about testosterone optimization, and what it tells us about how people view TOT. Next, we talked about some of the key causes for this view, ranging from fear to lack of assimilation of new knowledge. We also discussed the importance of thinking differently and knowing what’s going on.


We also discussed:

  • How the reproductive differences between men and women are decreasing
  • How the snacks we’re giving to our kids are loading their bodies with toxins
  • Why we shouldn’t listen to experts telling us not to panic


The so-called experts are grossly underestimating and downplaying just how dire things are right now. The people who are asking whether the drop in testosterone and sperm count spells extinction for us are asking the right questions. Even if we have ways of solving issues like infertility, we can never forget that testosterone is also measure of men’s health and that’s why we have to keep an eye on it. Ultimately, if we don’t get a handle on this and start recognizing where the toxins are and start eliminating from our environment and food supply, this spells disaster for all of us.

Sep 11, 2018

There is a lot of confusion about fasting. Most of the "gurus" are talking about windows of fasting that are between 12 and 16 hours, but these windows are ineffective. Why don’t we get anything out of fasting for that long? Why is it so important to eat on our training days? Why does the real magic happen after the 20th+ hour of fasting?

On this episode, Daniel Kelly and I dispel some of the biggest myths about intermittent fasting, and share how the Metabolic Blowtorch Diet teaches a more effective fasting method.


If you can fast for 30 hours, 3-4 days a week over a 2-4 week period, you will drastically change your body composition, and you won’t lose muscle. -Jay Campbell


Takeaways from this Episode

  • Eat on your training days. You want to put as much energy and effort into training as possible so your fasting can work well.

  • For max fat loss, you want to add a second cardio session at the peak point of your fast.

  • Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) the one of the biggest benefits of fasting. It only comes out about 17+ hours into a fast, so you have to learn to fast longer to maximize your output of BDNF.  

  • The stubborn areas in our bodies that don’t lose fat easily don’t get really good blood flow.  

  • At 17-20 hours you start to release catecholamines, which increase blood flow to resistant areas and mobilizes fat.

  • If you don’t get enough calories in at the end of your fast, take a multi-spectrum protein shake and MCT oil, or eat a protein rich source that has a good blend of essential fatty acids and green beans.  

The current messaging around intermittent fasting is actually making people miss out on a great opportunity to dramatically lose fat. Instead of fasting for 12-16 hours where we get minimal benefits, we need to learn to go over 20 hours. In that zone, our bodies become fat burning furnaces, allowing us to get shredded and lean.

We can't make the mistake of focusing on our numbers, when we should remember that our bodies are about the big picture—especially when we’re trying to drop body fat. So much happens biochemically in the brain during long fasts, and this can also be truly life-changing. In order to see these profound benefits, you've really got to use a longer duration when fasting.

Sep 6, 2018

Behind Big Pharma not making any money from testosterone is an even more sinister reason for the demonization of testosterone. What do the “powers that be” get from keeping us docile and unhealthy? What downstream effects of birth control and environmental toxins are we seeing today? What is the weapon of mass control nowadays? On this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Jim Meehan, Dr. Rob Kominiarek and Dr. Crisler to answer these questions.

Let’s build an army of men that are a threat to these institutionalized elitists who are out to weaken us and turn us into addicted consumers. -Dr. Jim Meehan


Three Takeaways

The system is out to make money out of us and the less optimized and healthy we are, the more money they can drain out of us.

Our lives were perfectly crafted for medical expense. Our only response is optimization and staying out of the sick care model.

One generation’s exposure to environmental toxins can change 5 generations of children.


At the start of the show, we talked about a recent article that tries to demonize testosterone, and we discussed why such articles and the continued wrong views of TOT prevail. Next, we talked about why optimized men are such a threat to the system, and why it’s so important to stay out of the sick care model.


We also discussed:

  • Why death rates are so high for people in their 70s
  • 2nd and 3rd generation effects of birth control are here now
  • The business model of Big Pharma


People are being controlled through consumerism now, and the institutions in power will do anything they can to keep us dependent on drugs, unhealthy, fat and entrenched in the sick care system. Not only is testosterone an inexpensive treatment for a litany of problems, it is the first line of defense against being turned into addicted consumers. The business model of these institutions is very simple. Harm kill, destroy, change the population, diminish humanity and profit from it. When we’re optimized, we can tear down the broken structures being used to manipulate a large portion of the population.

Sep 4, 2018

Our culture does not acknowledge the importance of the mind, body, and soul connection. Why is this causing a lot of harm to our society? How do we start to heal the masculine and bring it in alignment with the universe? When it feels like your mind, soul and body are in disconnect, how do you find that missing link?

On this episode I am joined by physician and podcaster Dr. David Kamnitzer, to have a high-conscious conversation about shifting our paradigm and being our best selves.  


The soul and mind affect the body, and the condition of the body affects the mind and the soul. -Dr. David Kamnitzer


Takeaways from this Episode

  • A doctor who is open-minded and consciously aware wants an informed patient. They want a patient who has done their own homework.


  • When you’re dealing with hormones, you’re dealing with a deep level of that person’s whole incarnational expression, and you must have a multi-dimensional sensitivity.


  • A lot of people still believe that testosterone is steroids, and therefore a bad thing.


Our bodies are the vehicles for experience and self-expression, and if at any moment we feel like we’re not our best, this also affects our minds and souls, as well as the results we get in our lives. When these things are in alignment, we don’t have to just accept it and believe in a reality we don’t like. We can become empowered and informed and take our health into our own hands. There are powers that want to see men completely disempowered but we can fight back through optimization. Sometimes becoming aligned means optimizing our hormones, and this is a positive thing not a negative. Once we’re healed, we can become the very best physically, emotionally and mentally.

Aug 28, 2018

Humanity has been chasing peak performance and consciousness since history was first recorded. What are the three approaches we can take to achieve peak performance? What are the top-down and bottom-up approaches to optimization? What allows us to tap into enlightenment?

On this episode, Dr. Carlos Rivas talks about his work, and how we reach the pinnacle of the human experience.

You start to realize that as soon as you change your physical state, your consciousness shifts and that will shift your biochemistry.
-Dr. Carlos Rivas


Takeaways from this Episode
  • Health optimization medicine (the biochemical approach), flow state optimization (elevating consciousness to enhance your wellness) and finding purpose and meaning in life are the 3 components that drive your optimized self to your peak performance.
  • Illness medicine is broken if left alone as it is. There is a lot more to health and medicine than represented in the sick care model, and people will continue to suffer if they don't recognize this.
  • The spiritual enlightenment component makes itself more readily available when you’re optimized.


The three pillar approach is about intervening with a patient’s biochemistry as bio-harmoniously as possible to make that intervention helpful, not harmful. Ultimately this is about one goal: reaching the pinnacle of the human experience and identity, which is peak performance and consciousness. Optimization is essential for us physically, but it's also about finding your purpose in life and redirecting your optimized self in that direction. It's up to us to make the most of what we've been given.

Aug 21, 2018

Since 1990, anabolic steroids have been classified as a controlled substance even though there’s a lot of data showing that they are actually beneficial. What drove lawmakers to clamp down on steroids? What problems have been created by the prohibitionist approach taken by the government? Why is therapeutic testosterone demonized by the media? On this episode, the foremost legal authority in the area of dietary supplements, fitness law and anabolic steroids, Rick Collins, joins me to discuss the truth behind the so-called risks of testosterone.

When you take a prohibitionist policy to a behavior, if there’s still going to be demand for that, there’ll be an alternative supply. -Rick Collins

Three Takeaways

  • Calling it the Anabolic Steroid Control Act ironically took away the government’s control over the quality of the products. Now we have non-FDA produced substances, and use has been driven underground and away from doctors-- which is dangerous.  
  • There is a belief that using an anabolic steroid, or even testosterone, is cheating and an integrity issue with athletes. However, the people using these substances the most aren’t even professional athletes.
  • When people are confronted with facts that challenge a core belief they are invested in, they often double-down on the false information rather than adopt the new information.
  • Unfortunately, the people who don’t believe in the abilities of testosterone are the same researchers and gatekeepers who are keeping it away from the people who need it.

At the start of the show, Rick shared on the shift that took place when steroids became a controlled substance. Then we talked about the true reason behind the classification of steroids as a controlled substance. We discussed how the demonization of substances has contributed to sick care, lack of optimization and obesity culture. Towards the end, we talked about recent findings regarding the use of testosterone for diabetic people.


It’s hard to imagine any other beneficial substance that has been as demonized and thrown under the bus like anabolic steroids. In the last 20 years, the research data supporting the therapeutic uses of testosterone for many things is monumental. We’ve clearly seen how powerful and transformative testosterone can be as a life molecule in changing the biological processes that are broken down due to the various diseases of aging. The problem is the legislature, along with the media and opportunistic lawyers. This needs to change.

Aug 14, 2018

There is no shortcut to the perfect physique, you have to be willing to put in the work. What type of mindset is required to build a great body? Why are shortcuts like steroids so dangerous? Why is the millennial mindset so counterproductive to growth? On this episode, Daniel Kelly and I talk with Dominic who shares on his journey with testosterone, and we talk about the long-term strategy for building a great body.

Muscle is the greatest deterrent to aging because it’s the biggest resistor of disease. -Jay Campbell


Three Takeaways

  • It's not about weight-- it's about composition. When you have more muscle than fat, you are more resistant to aging.
  • You want to find a workout program that hits all the energy systems, minimizes your time in the gym, and avoids injury.
  • If you want to build an amazing physique, understand that it’s going to take time.


At the start of the show, we talked about what it takes to build a great physique. Next, we talked about why building muscle is is important, and how to train in the long-term. We talked about why instant gratification doesn’t work when it comes to health and fitness, and we also discussed the millennial mindset.

Training is all about time. Are you willing to invest 45-60 minutes per session, 3-5 days a week? This isn’t just about the short-term. If you want an elite level body, you have to commit to working at it consistently over your lifetime. This is how you build a physique that’s resistant to disease and aging, and the kind of body that allows you perform and show up in your life-- whatever your goals are.

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