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Today’s healthcare system is flawed. Break free from the limitations of “sick-care” and discover what it means to live life FULLY optimized. A former champion men’s physique competitor and current 4x international best selling author in the optimized health care space, Jay Campbell is a global thought leader on hormones, biohacking and higher consciousness. Since returning from 12 days in The Sacred Valley of Peru, he's experienced a profound awareness of the importance of #RaisingTheVibration of humanity to reach planetary consciousness aka unconditional love. On the Jay Campbell Podcast, Jay interviews empowered servant leaders helping to propel humanity towards full spectrum optimization of the body-mind, heart and soul. Are you the best version of yourself? Claim: I AM Giving, Receiving and BE-ing Love! Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!
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Dec 29, 2020

Over the past year, we’ve heard a lot of conflicting information about 5G towers and the effect they’ll have on our collective wellbeing. However, no matter how much the industry and the media suggest there’s nothing to be concerned about, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Much of the debate in favor of 5G is centered on there not being enough research to prove its risks, but that’s simply because there hasn’t been much research conducted, period. That being said, the research that has been done all points to one thing: 5G radiation puts us in danger. 

The problem is, we live in a world where technology is ubiquitous. How can we possibly avoid radiation when it’s all around us?

Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves, without losing out on all the benefits of modern technology?

In this episode, CEO of EMF Harmonized, Lance Schuttler joins me to discuss how radiation is impacting us everyday, and what we can do about it. 


Three Takeaways 


  • How we’re exposed to EMFs on a daily basis:

    From the microwaves in our kitchens to our sleep trackers and our phones, nearly every part of our lives leads to us being bombarded with electromagnetic fields. However, EMFs aren’t only coming off devices, they’re also being emitted by the sun, meaning we’re almost always exposed. 

  • Why we’ll never completely escape the EMFs emitted through technology:

    Short of moving to the middle of nowhere to live off the grid and avoid technology entirely, we’ll always be affected by EMFs in some way. However, we can shield ourselves by making use of protective tools like blue light glasses, cellphone discs, and computer strips. 

  • How protective tools work to keep our bodies in homeostasis:

    Products like those developed by EMF Harmonized won’t lead to a reduction of EMFs. Instead, their technology signals our bodies to go into homeostasis and keep things balanced out in a healthy way in response to the radiation all around us.


Guest Bio- 

Lance Schuttler is the CEO of EMF Harmonized. A Health Science graduate from the University of Iowa, Lance is also the co-owner of Ascent Nutrition. Passionate about holistic health, Lance is also a Board Member at the Master Shift, an organization devoted to facilitating spiritual growth. 

To find out more and to connect with Lance, go to:

Dec 22, 2020

The world we inhabit is integrally linked to it’s history, but unfortunately, the history we’ve been taught isn’t always the history that happened. Despite being on the cusp of a golden age, the dark forces are still doing everything they can to stop us from unearthing their secrets. 


Ancient civilizations hold more truths about our current state than we can comprehend, but in recent years it’s become more difficult than ever before to access the right information about them. The elites are in the process of rewriting history, and we’re at risk of finding ourselves in a completely unreal paradigm. 


How are these powerful forces stealing history, and what are their motivations? With the internet affording us instant communication, how effective will their attempts be?


In this episode, alternative history legends and co-authors of the upcoming The Epic of Humanity, Matt LaCroix and Billy Carson join me as the Decoders of Truth 2020 to explain why ancient sites are under attack.


Three Takeaways 


  • How ancient history is being hidden from us:

    It’s not a coincidence that our access to the past is so restricted. From terror groups destroying ancient sites to museums keeping artifacts in storage facilities rather than on display, our access to history is actively being censored


  • Why history withheld today has far-reaching effects:

    Robbing someone of their history is a surefire way to gain control over not only them, but their descendants as well. The false information we’re fed is stored in our epigenetic memories, where it will persist for up to 20 generations. 


  • What the elites are hiding from us:

    Human beings may have a mammal side, but we also have a God side, and that’s something ancient civilizations knew. If we all realized how much power we hold within ourselves, we would easily overcome oppressive structures, and that’s why the elites are determined to keep us in the dark.


Guest Bios- 


Billy Carson is the founder of 4biddenknowledge Inc., and the Best Selling author of The Compendium of the Emerald Tablets. Regularly sought after for his extensive knowledge on the subjects, Billy is currently featured as an expert host on the Gaia original series, Deep Space and Ancient Civilizations. Billy holds a Certificate of Science from MIT, and is the CEO of First Class Space Agency. 


To find out more, head to:


And to get a copy of his books The Compendium of the Emerald Tablets and Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke, visit:

Matthew LaCroix is the author of The Stage of Time and The Illusion of Us. He is passionate about uncovering and connecting the esoteric teachings from secret societies that have long disappeared into our past. Matthew also has a self-titled Youtube channel, dedicated to exploring lost civilizations, ancient history, and the nature of reality. 


To find out more, visit: 


And to get a copy of his books, head to:

Dec 15, 2020

There can be no doubt that we’re in times of prophecy, and the world as we’ve known it is fast coming to an end. The events of 2020 have forced more people than ever before to awaken to this reality- but what about those who haven’t?


Despite so many beings coming into the light, there are still many trapped in low consciousness, and that’s because they’re vibrating in fear. The problem is, our world is so determined to keep us in angst that moving out of that fear is no easy feat. 


Is there hope for the unawakened to step into a higher awareness, or is it too late? What can conscious beings do to assist in the process? 


In this episode, owner of The Dynamic Man, LLC, Pat Stedman and I discuss the dangers of staying in the fear consciousness. 


Three Takeaways 

  • How fear has stagnated our basic humanity:

    When encountering a traumatic event of sorts, most people are unlikely to step in to help, and that’s because we’ve been taught that doing so could result in us being questioned, ridiculed, or even sued. Our fear of what might happen to us for being of service stops us from taking action when it’s needed most.


  • Why we need to think of our traumatic events as formative, not catastrophic:

    Most people think of the bad things that have happened in their lives as debacles, but thinking that way will only keep us in a low vibration. When we acknowledge that these events have shaped us, it’s easier to move into a higher level of consciousness.


  • What 2021 has in store for sleeping beings:

    The first wave of awakening took place in early 2020, and it was a relatively easy process. However, the same can’t be said for 2021. Everything imaginable will come to light in the next year, and the unprepared will not have a smooth transition into the new world. 



Guest Bio- 

Pat Stedman is a men’s dating and relationship coach and owner of The Dynamic Man, LLC. He is also the author of Tackling Texting: Text Women Like a Natural. Get the Dating Life You Want. Outspoken on social media, Pat has fascinating insights on the world around us and is passionate about sharing them with others.


To find out more, go to:

Dec 8, 2020

Technology has made it easier than ever before to opt-out of taking responsibility for ourselves, and far too many of us have jumped at the opportunity. The problem is, by outsourcing authority we’ve opened ourselves up to abuse.


When we start letting perceived authority figures make decisions on our behalf, we place ourselves at their mercy. When did we become a society of children, and how can we regain the power we’ve relinquished?


How are the elites keeping us under their control, and what can we do to break the cycle? What are their motivations for dominating us in the first place?


In this episode, world-renowned holistic wellness expert and founder of the CHEK Institute, Paul Chek joins me to discuss how to recover sovereignty by building consciousness. 


Three Takeaways


  • Why the presence of dark forces helps us build consciousness:

    It’s easy to get caught up in “good versus evil” and “wrong versus right”, but to become conscious beings we have to have both. Negative polarity forces us to keep growing, which ultimately helps us maintain our consciousness.

  • What’s stopping us from accessing the truth:

    We’re constantly bombarded with images of danger, but they’re only illusions being fed to us as a distraction from what’s really going on. We have to stop giving all our energy to news and social media and start looking for answers on our own.

  • How to get in touch with reality in a world that thrives on smoke and mirrors:

    Stop paying attention to illusions, and focus instead on reality. The real world and its natural resources are the only things that can guarantee our survival, so we need to channel all our efforts into protecting it from those who threaten it.


Guest Bio- 

Paul Chek is the founder of the CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist) Institute. He is also a prolific writer, having authored or co-authored more than 10 books, and a sought-after speaker and consultant. Passionate about sharing his knowledge with others, Paul regularly features in radio, internet radio, and podcasts, and is the host of the Living 4D with Paul Chek podcast. 


To find out more, head to: 


Dec 1, 2020

Most of us have spent our lives believing the earth is heliocentric, simply because that’s what we’ve always been taught. However, as more of us begin to question everything we’ve been told, it might be time to revisit that theory.


Despite so many beings awakening to truth in other parts of their lives, many are still hesitant to take Flat Earth theory more seriously. At the core of this reluctance is the question: why does it matter


Who stands to gain from the myth of a heliocentric system, and how would our lives be impacted if we found out we were being lied to all along? 


In this episode, host of the Flat Earth Podcast, David Weiss shares his thoughts on why the heliocentric model affects us more than we realize. 


Everything we’re taught is fake and it’s all to keep us in fear. -David Weiss


Three Takeaways 


  • Why we were conditioned to believe the heliocentric model in the first place:

    The idea that we inhabit a giant rock flying through a Creator-less vacuum suggests our lives are meaningless. This stops us from seeing our lives for what they truly are, which is a divine experience

  • What makes so many people resistant to accepting Flat Earth theory:

    Having our foundations ripped out from under us is never easy, because it means admitting our beliefs were wrong. However, if we can accept that we’ve been fed misinformation, we’ll come out empowered on the other side. 

  • How the heliocentric model affects our actions and accomplishments:

    Buying into the idea that we’re floating in space unprotected keeps us in fear, which ultimately holds us back from living our best lives. When we acknowledge that we’re at the center of creation, we feel empowered to take bigger action and make our dreams a reality.


Guest Bio- 


David Weiss is the co-host of The Flat Earth Podcast and the creator of the DITRH Youtube channel. After years of refusing to listen to flat earth theories, Dave first got into the space when he tried to prove the earth was round, only to realize he couldn’t. Passionate about helping others understand flat earth theory, David is the creator of the Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac App, available for both Apple and Android devices. 


To find out more, head to: 


And if you’d like to access the full app but don’t have the financial means, email for a free download code. 


Books mentioned in this episode:

The Stellar Man by John Baines 

Nov 24, 2020

Covid-19 has made it very clear that optimization is the only way to fight against disease and afford ourselves any level of physiological protection. 

For years, we’ve known that the traditional healthcare system is not where we can find the most cutting edge expertise and knowledge when it comes to optimizing our health.

Peptides and nootropics are the new frontiers of health and wellness. We can take advantage of them, tailor them to our needs, and catapult ourselves into a higher state of optimization.

What are the best dopaminergic-based nootropics? What is the number one mistake people make with nootropics? Why are SSRIs so harmful to men? 

In this episode, I’m joined by biohacker and nootropics expert, Lucas Aoun. He shares in-depth cutting edge information on nootropics and how we can use them as an optimization tool. 


The serotonin-dominant state is learned helplessness. It shuts down your ability to produce. All you can do is obey and comply. -Lucas Aoun



  • When it comes to nootropics, dosage protocol matters. How you use a compound and what you use it with isn’t just important for its effectiveness, it can also keep you safe from catastrophic side effects. 

  • All disease comes from systemic inflammation. The only physiological protection that is afforded from any disease is a low-inflammation optimized lifestyle. 

  • Serotonin can be very antagonistic to dopamine and when put together, and they can have the same negative effects as SSRIs. 


Guest Bio-

Lucas Aoun is a biohacker, nootropics expert, host of Boost Your Biology, and founder of Ergogenic Health. Ergogenic Health researches and curates the best health products from around the globe. They integrate modern Scientific Evidence, Anecdotal/Personal Reports, and Traditional Wisdom to create a lifestyle platform of supreme products, education, and consulting to promote biohacking for those who wish to explore their version of optimal performance. For more information, visit and follow @ergogenic_health.

Nov 17, 2020

The events of the past year have taken a toll on many people’s mental and physical health, but while it’s tempting to blame this on external factors, the only way to get through this period is by looking within.


There’s never been a better time to stop focusing on the constant buzz of activity in the outside world and start working on our own inner stillness. That being said, with our world so geared towards a fast-paced lifestyle, is that even a possibility? 


How can we channel our energies towards inner peace? What’s stopping us from becoming more self-aware in the first place?


In this episode, fitness expert, lifestyle coach, and host of the Stacked podcast, Joe Distefano shares how breathwork can help us find inner peace and healing in a time of chaos. 


All of us as beings have to work on getting to a silent place where we can drown out the noise and be one with our presence. -Jay Campbell


Three Takeaways 


  • How the way we breathe impacts our health:

    Many of us breathe primarily through our mouths, but we shouldn’t be. Breathing through our noses gives us 360° expansion and ultimately gets our bodies functioning at an optimal level. 

  • How to stay focused on our breathwork when we’re just getting started:

    It’s easy to get distracted when we’re new to breathwork, and that’s why we need an anchor. Simple actions like practicing holding our breath keep us focused on what we’re doing in the moment.

  • Why we need to change the way we think of breathwork:

    Stop thinking of breathwork and meditation as a task on a daily to-do list and start thinking of it as an act of self-love. When we make this shift, we start focusing because we want to, not because we feel like we have to. 

Guest Bio- 


Joe Distefano is an international speaker, fitness expert, and lifestyle coach. As the Founder of experiential lifestyle brand RUNGA, Joe is passionate about empowering his clients through practices that fuel health, wellness, and performance. While most in his industry focus on the “sore and sweaty scale”, Joe favors the “health and happiness” scale as a measure of success. Joe is also the host of the Stacked with Joe Distefano podcast. 


To find out more, go to: 


You can also email him at:


Books mentioned in this episode:

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

Nov 10, 2020

With everything that’s happened over the past year, a lot of people have been living their lives in fear. 


However, the fear we’re experiencing en-masse isn’t limited to concerns of contracting a virus. People are also worried about how they’ll be viewed by mainstream society, or worse, potentially losing their livelihoods if they step out of line.  


Where does this fear stem from, and what is the purpose of it? Does experiencing fear mean we’re reluctant to awaken, or is there more to our collective anxiety?


In this episode, host of The Leak Project, Rex Bear shares his thoughts on the current state of fear. 


When you're in fear, you can be manipulated more easily. -Jay Campbell


Three Takeaways 

  • Why fear affects everyone- even those who want to awaken:

    No matter how much time we devote to developing our consciousness, we will be fearful for as long as we’re bombarded with negative information. Mainstream media and society are geared towards scaring us, and resisting that can be easier said than done. 

  • How fear opens us up to abuse:

    Angst is a great mechanism of control because when we’re fearful, we’re easier to manipulate. Being afraid makes us less likely to step out of line or question the powers that be.

  • Who is behind the widespread unease:

    When we hear of “fallen angels”, many of us think of etheric beings stuck in the 3rd dimension, but the reality might be more concerning. For all we know, fallen angels could be inhabiting the physical bodies at the helm of fear-mongering corporations and organizations.


Guest Bio- 

Rex Bear is the host of Leak Project, a platform dedicated to creating awareness for information not found in the mainstream media. Leak Project shares videos and audio podcasts on a wide range of topics, including among others UFOs, spirituality, and religion. 


To find out more, head to:

Nov 3, 2020

Many of us may think we’re at the edge of biohacking, but if we aren’t putting enough focus on our sleep, we’re missing a vital step.

No matter how dialed-in we are to optimization, a lack of quality sleep will always hold us back from our full potential. Sleep is something worth investing in, so why are we still spending our nights on basic and unsophisticated mattresses? 

The mattress has been the same for 2000 years, it’s time to modernize it. We’re surrounded by technology in almost every aspect of our lives, so it only makes sense to incorporate it into our rest routines. How can we leverage technology to improve our sleep performance?

In this episode, CEO of Eight Sleep, Matteo Franceschetti shares how the Eight Sleep mattress helps us optimize our sleep.


You can improve your sleep by being consistent in your times. Waking up early during the week and late on weekends only confuses the body. -Matteo Franceschetti


Three Takeaways 

  • How temperature affects our sleep:

    Temperature is one of the biggest factors impacting our sleep, and it changes as we go through the stages of drifting off, going into REM, and later waking up. Eight Sleep assists this process by helping our bodies move into those temperature changes faster. 

  • How to wake up more refreshed:

    It’s difficult to feel ready for the day when we’re waking up to a screaming alarm clock. The Eight Sleep mattress helps us wake up more gradually by slowly increasing temperature in the last few hours of our sleep, and vibrating softly when it’s time to get up. 

  • What makes Eight Sleep more effective than a wearable sleep tracker:

    On top of being uncomfortable, wearables require charging to give us an accurate reading. By installing an Eight Sleep mattress, we don’t have to worry about charging a device. All we need to do is go to bed. 


Guest Bio- 


Matteo Franceschetti is the Co-Founder and CEO of Eight Sleep. Given his extensive background as a professional athlete, a lawyer, and Co-Founder of two clean-tech companies, it should come as no surprise that Matteo has had his fair share of sleepless nights. It was this experience that encouraged him to shift his efforts towards sleep optimization, and today he leads the world’s leading sleep enhancement company. Matteo is also an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council. 


To find out more about Matteo and Eight Sleep, visit: 


Or email Matteo at 


To get $150 off an Eight Sleep mattress, use my discount code:


Other products mentioned in this episode:

NormaTec recovery boots 


Oct 27, 2020

With so much going on in the external world, many of us have shifted our focus outwards. The problem is, when we put our attention on the outer world, we neglect our inner selves.

We hold more power over ourselves than we realize, but by agonizing over the events of the past year, many of us have got trapped in the cycle of renouncing control.

What would happen if we reclaimed our power, and how would we do that in the first place? In a world filled with so many distractions, is zoning in on our inner selves even a possibility?

In this episode, author, transformational writer, teacher, and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper shares how to awaken in a time of turmoil.

The key to overcoming external drama lies in looking at what’s taking place within us. -Oliver JR Cooper

Three Takeaways 

  • How our inner world impacts our outer world:

    Human beings, collectively, are holding onto so much unintegrated trauma that when something happens in our external environment, it triggers our wounds. By working on the issues within ourselves, we can decrease and even eliminate the outer drama we experience. 

  • The importance of acknowledging our trauma:

    Many of us can’t bring ourselves to talk to others about what we’ve gone through, and often that’s because we don’t want to admit it to ourselves. When we accept that we have trauma, it’s easier to move forward.

  • How to maintain a state of mindfulness:

    Unfortunately, there is no one-off solution to awakening. We have to consciously and intentionally work on our inner selves over time to see a positive change.


Guest Bio- 

Oliver JR Cooper is an author, transformational writer, teacher, and consultant. He first got onto the path of self-awareness in 2003, when he lacked self-confidence and felt he had no control over his life. Over time, he came to the realization that childhood trauma was the root of his issues, and began journaling as a way of coping. He later began writing articles on psychology, and to date has written 2535 articles on the subject. Oliver is passionate about helping others and believes in finding personalized solutions to help all his clients overcome their unique struggles. 


To find out more about Oliver, his books, and his courses, visit: 

Oct 20, 2020

The onset of COVID-19 brought a lot of turmoil into our world, but that doesn’t automatically spell doom and gloom. All of humanity is facing a dark night of the soul, but there is a light at the end of this for those willing to look.

The pandemic has forced most of us to confront our traumas head-on. While that’s enough to make any of us uncomfortable, it’s also the vital first step we need to take towards collective healing. 

What can we do to facilitate the healing process for ourselves and others? How can we use our newfound connectedness to create a better world for all who live in it?

In this episode, tech pioneer, visual artist, and composer at MindTravel, Murray Hidary shares how to connect with ourselves, others, and the world around us.  


There’s something powerful about going through this trauma together. -Murray Hidary


Three Takeaways 

  • How to make a difference in the world:

    No matter where our expertise lies, we all have a role to play in making the world a better place. Tap into individual talents to create something that is of service to others.

  • Why we need to recondition our mindsets:

    We’ve been taught to believe that we go through life on our own, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Once we start believing we’re all in this together, there’s nothing we can’t achieve collectively. 

  • How to engage with others more effectively:

    Doing unto others as we’d have them do unto us is one thing, but we could take that a step further. We’re all connected more than we realize, so we should be treating people as an extension of ourselves. 

Guest Bio- 

Murray Hidary is a multi-disciplinary artist and tech pioneer. He is also the creator of MindTravel, an experiential music company dedicated to helping audiences connect to each other and their surroundings, and move them to purpose through music. Murray’s work with MindTravel has been featured on various media platforms, including among others The Doctors


To find out more, head to: 

Oct 13, 2020

When we’re not living with intention, it’s easy to accept a mediocre existence. However, we shouldn’t settle for drifting through life. It’s not enough to survive, we should be aiming to thrive

Luckily, many of the things that hold us back can be changed if we become more in tune with ourselves.

Which habits are stopping us from reaching our full potential, and what can we do to break them for good? How can we actively surround ourselves with the right influences that improve our lives, rather than laying stagnant? 

In this episode, Chief Energy Officer at E3 Lifestyle, Jeremy Abramson shares the THRIVE acronym for cultivating the lives of our dreams. 


Don’t settle for mediocrity. -Jeremy Abramson


Three Takeaways 

  • How our thoughts impact our health and wellbeing:

    Many people wake up to the same thoughts every day, but doing so is more harmful than we may realize. By constantly thinking about what’s happened in the past, we fall into the rearview mirror syndrome, which can ultimately cause inflammation and weaken our immune systems. 

  • How to increase the likelihood of sticking to positive habits:

    A lot of the habits we have today stem from moments we have emotional attachments to, like rewarding ourselves with a treat for good work. We can replicate that feeling by actively thinking about how things like exercise and a healthy diet will make us feel

  • How to establish strong relationships with the right people:

    We’ve all heard about the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right people, but doing so requires some work on our part. To attract a particular type of person, we have to embody those traits on our own, first.



Guest Bio- 

Jeremy Abramson is the Chief Energy Officer at E3 Lifestyle. He is passionate about creating workplace environments that promote movement, community, and creativity.  In addition to being a high-level coach, he is also the host of The Energy Exchange Podcast


To find out more, head to: 

You can also email him at


Oct 6, 2020

Western medicine has led us to believe that each part of our lives needs to be treated separately, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If we want to thrive in all aspects, we need to move towards a holistic solution.

By becoming more in tune with our minds, bodies, and souls, it’s easier to integrate past traumas and truly heal. In turn, we’re able to do what we were put on this earth to do, which is to give and receive love. 

The problem is, with so many of us being taught to compartmentalize our lives, many of us simply don’t know how to increase our consciousness. 

How can we break the cycle and start taking action towards a more fulfilled existence? What can we do to take back control of our well-being?

In this episode, Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and President of Dr. Pedre Wellness, Dr. Vincent Pedre shares how we can heal at all levels. 


Everything is integrated, and everything matters. -Dr. Vincent Pedre


Three Takeaways:


Why we need to pinpoint where we feel our traumas:

Our psychological state has a big impact on our physical bodies, so to heal ailments holistically, we have to be aware of where we feel our emotions. Be mindful of physical sensations when feelings like sadness or anxiety arise. 


How to stop the cycle of downplaying emotions:

Society has conditioned men to believe showing emotion is not masculine, and as a result far too many internalize their feelings instead of dealing with them head-on. Break the cycle by acknowledging that emotion is a human experience and encouraging other men to embrace displaying their feelings. 


How to break the habit of feeling like a victim:

Everything we do is a choice, and once we realize this we can step into our power. We have what it takes to create our own reality, we just need to be willing to take responsibility for our lives.


Guest Bio- 

Dr. Vincent Pedre is the Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and President of Dr. Pedre Wellness. A Board-Certified Internist and Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Dr. Pedre uses a blend of both Western and Eastern medical traditions to provide an integrative, systems-based approach to well-being. He is passionate about helping patients find the best course of action for their needs, and his holistic approach incorporates positive, preventative health and wellness lifestyle choices. Dr. Pedre is also the author of Happy Gut®️: The Cleansing Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Eliminate Pain. 


To find out more, go to:


Books mentioned in this episode:
Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile by Dr. Anthony G. Jay

Sep 29, 2020

For years, people have dealt with injuries and other ailments by going to a specialist and having them take care of it on our behalf. However, many of us are tired of ‘opting out’ of our wellbeing. How can we empower ourselves to take care of our own health?

We’re lucky to live in a time where we don’t have to outsource all our needs anymore. With the help of the right education, we can learn how to become more in tune with ourselves. 

Aside from reclaiming power over our bodies, what are the benefits of becoming more self-aware? What are the first steps we can take towards greater mindfulness? 

In this episode, Founder of gotROM, Shane Dowd shares how to regain control of our health. 


Use the amazing capacity the brain has for pattern recognition, so you can stop negative responses in their tracks. -Shane Dowd



Three Takeaways 

  • At some point, everyone experiences an injury or a health setback. By being in touch with how we feel physically and mentally, we’ll be better equipped to handle problems as they arise. 
  • Don’t get caught up on finding the ‘right’ way to meditate. What we should be striving for instead is the ability to zone in on our present states. 
  • Self-observation gives us the power to recognize patterns in our feelings and behaviors. When we know how we feel when we behave a certain way, we get better at stopping poor decisions.


Guest Bio- 


Shane Dowd is the Owner and Founder of gotROM and After suffering a traumatic injury in 2010 due to an underlying hip condition, Shane has done an intense study of various healing modalities. In 2013, he began sharing his system and methods with thousands of athletes. Shane is passionate about helping others build injury-free, athletic bodies because everyone deserves a body that works. 


To find out more, go to:


Books mentioned on this episode:

The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield

Sep 22, 2020

The events of 2020 have left many who thought they were in secure positions terrified by the thought of losing everything. There’s never been a more important time to rethink our livelihoods. 


How can we prepare for the changes to come? What are the long-term implications for entrepreneurs?


While many of us are concerned about the future, there is opportunity for those willing to look. If we’re able to look past our immediate fears, we’ll always find a way to move forward- even in the face of Draconian governments. 


In this episode, Founder of Pursuing Results and author of MicroFamous: Become Famously Influential to the Right People, Matt Johnson shares how to plot our next moves in the face of imbalance. 


2020 should be a massive wake up call that the security you thought you had was a massive illusion all along. -Matt Johnson


Three Takeaways:


What to do if we own locally based businesses:

Avoid tying income to a specific location. Start building a portable brand, so it’s easier to move away from states and governments that don’t serve our interests or beliefs. 


How to make a successful jump into entrepreneurialism:

Our current reality has forced us to realize what’s always been true: 80% of what we do in a day doesn’t make us money. People starting businesses now need to shift their focus to the things that bring us results.


How to become more influential to our ideal clients:

The key to a successful business lies in building influence. Share knowledge and expertise on social platforms like Facebook Live to build an audience and create authority. 



Guest Bio- 

Matt Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Pursuing Results, a done-for-you podcast launch and production agency for coaches, consultants, and thought leaders. Matt is a podcast expert and on top of helping clients dominate their niches using the medium, he is the host of the MicroFamous Podcast, and Co-Host of Real Estate Uncensored. Matt is also the author of MicroFamous: Become Famously Influential to the Right People. 


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Sep 15, 2020

COVID-19 has been a much-needed reminder of the importance of oxygen and what can happen if we don’t have enough of it. If we want to protect ourselves against illness both now and in the future, we have to find ways to increase our oxygen levels.

When we think of oxygen, many of us think of ventilators. While those can be effective for people in advanced stages of illness, we shouldn’t need to get to that point. How can we use oxygen as a preventative measure, instead of a cure?

Is oxygen limited to minimizing illness, or can we use it to optimize our bodies too?

In this episode, Clinical Director of New Jersey HBOT and HBOT USA, Dr. Jason Sonners joins me to discuss the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 


Three Takeaways 

Why we shouldn’t rely on our existing oxygen levels alone:

Many of us think we have “enough” oxygen in our bodies, but we shouldn’t be settling for the bare minimum. We never know what might go wrong, so it’s better to be prepared by building a surplus reservoir. 

The importance of having the right hyperbaric oxygen chamber:

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps us increase our absorption of the air around us, so it’s vital that the air is clean. Invest in a chamber with a good filtration system.

How to use hyperbaric oxygen therapy as maintenance:

The results of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are cumulative. To get to the point where we’re only using it to maintain our optimization, we have to start off strong and spend more time in the chamber upfront. 


Guest Bio- 

Dr. Jason Sonners is the Clinical Director of New Jersey HBOT and HBOT USA. He was first drawn to hyperbaric to work on a neuropathy that wasn’t responding to any other methods, and after seeing amazing results he hasn’t looked back since. Today, Dr. Sonners uses hyperbaric oxygen, nutrition, herbal therapies, and detoxifications to help improve the quality of life for all his patients. Dr. Sonners is also the author of Oxygen Under Pressure: Using Hyperbaric Oxygen to Restore Health, Reduce Inflammation, Reverse Aging and Revolutionize Health Care.


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Sep 8, 2020

Mainstream society has trained us to think we’re one-time-use beings, and this has affected how we live our lives. When we believe there are limitations on what we can do, it’s easy to slip into the mindset that everything we experience happens to us. 


In reality, we have more power than we know. When we shift our belief systems to accept this, it’s amazing what we’re capable of. 


Where does our inner power stem from, and how can we tap into it? Can we encourage others to tap into their own power within?


In this episode, co-founders of Apeiron, Dr. Daniel Stickler and Dr. Mickra Hamilton share how to live without limits. 


Three Takeaways 


We all have the capacity to flourish in life, but there’s no one method to achieve this. Human beings are complex, and every individual needs contextualized solutions to reach their full potential. 


As conscious beings it’s our responsibility to show others how to thrive, but we can’t force them into it. Once we’ve shown others the way, they need to choose to elevate their levels on their own.


To live a life without limits, we have to be willing to take sovereign responsibility for ourselves and our actions. Once we take ownership of this, it’s easier to understand the power we wield. 

Guest Bio- 


Dr. Daniel Stickler is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of the Apeiron Center for Human Potential and Chief Science Officer of Apeiron Academy. He is the visionary pioneer behind the systems-based precision lifestyle medicine that redefines medicine from the symptoms-based disease model to one of limitless peak performance in all aspects of life. Dr. Stickler is a physician to high-performing business leaders, as well as an author, speaker, blogger, podcaster, and a guest lecturer at Stanford University on Epigenetics in Clinical Practice. He is also the Medical Director for the Neurohacker Collective, a Google consultant for wearable technology, epigenetics, and AI in healthcare. 


Dr. Mickra Hamilton is the co-founder and CEO of Apeiron Center for Human Potential/Apeiron Academy. She is also a Colonel and Human Performance Subject Matter Expert in the United States Air Force Reserves. Dr. Hamilton is a ‘Human SystemsDesigner’, and creative disruptor in Epigenetic Human Potential coaching. She uses a systems-based precision approach to optimize the performance and potential of the human system by leveraging genomic and epigenetic lifestyle strategies and leading research and technologies.


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Books mentioned on this episode:

The Finders by Dr Jeffery Martin

Sep 1, 2020

We’ve been taught to look at everything around us at a surface level, but there’s more to life than meets the eye. If we’re willing to venture into our inner worlds, we can change the way we experience our outer worlds.

Our lives are shaped by so much more than our bodily experiences, but there are times when we’re limited by our physical states. What happens if our outer worlds and bodies have been impacted by some kind of physical trauma? 

Can we overcome outer injuries by going deeper within ourselves? 

In this episode, documentary filmmaker of My Neuroplastic Adventure, Victor Mifsud shares how the process of going blind helped him see more than ever before. 

Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. -Vinent Mifsud 


Three Takeaways:


Where our ailments stem from

A lot of the physical trauma we experience in our current states comes from transgenerational trauma, or even past lives. If we alleviate that trauma, we can turn on the DNA switch and resolve the challenges we’re facing today. 

How unconditional love requires us to look deeper

Unconditional love shouldn’t only apply to the people in our lives, but to all living things in our universe. Once we understand that every natural entity is alive, we optimize our love creation for everything around us. 

The Third Dimension doesn’t matter

Our physical bodies and environments are only temporary. What matters most is our souls, so we have to be willing to put in the inner work to nurture them.


Guest Bio-

Victor Mifsud is a DJ, artist, and documentary filmmaker. Also known as The Blind Biohacker, Victor shares his experience of looking for a solution to retinitis pigmentosa through his documentary, My Neuroplastic Adventure. Victor is passionate about helping people regain hope.

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Books mentioned on this episode:

Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation by John L Payne

The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

It Didn’t Start With You by Mark Wolynn

Visionary Plant Consciousness by JP Harpignies


Aug 25, 2020

In Ancient times, people were trained to be in tune with their mind, body, and soul, and that gave them a stronger foundation to deal with threats as they arose. Over the years, we’ve lost that mentality. As our lives have become compartmentalized, our mind, body, and soul have become separate areas dealt with individually.


The problem with this is, we no longer know how to determine what is a threat and what isn’t. As we’ve become more sensitized to external factors, we’ve gone into a near constant survival mode.


How can we become more in tune with ourselves, so we can stop giving so much of our energy to things that don’t need it? Aside from impacting our quality of life, are there any health risks of staying in fight-or-flight mode?


In this episode, Founder and CEO of Wellsmart, Dr Amy Coleman explains the dangers of not taking care of our health holistically. 


Nothing causes more destruction to the immune system than what comes from our inner battles. The immune system follows the consciousness. -Dr Amy Coleman


Three Takeaways 


How striving for perfection hurts our immune systems
Perfection is a moving target, so it should never be our goal. When we set our sights on unrealistic expectations, we make way for unrest within our consciousness. This ultimately causes an inner battle that impacts our physical health. 


Why survival mode is more damaging than we realize
Our society has trained us to believe that stress is a motivator and being in survival mode brings great results, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When we’re on high-alert for too long, our brainwaves collapse and we struggle to complete basic tasks. 


The impact trans-generational trauma has on our health
The experiences of our ancestors have a huge impact on our physiological health. They become memories within us, and impact various organs. There’s no way to remove them, but they shouldn’t be seen as a threat. We just need to digest and vibrate them out.



Guest Bio- 


Dr Amy Coleman is the Founder and CEO of Wellsmart. She is a family medical physician with secondary training in Japanese Acupuncture, and started as a flight surgeon in the US Airforce. Dr Coleman went on to become the youngest and first female Commander of the Special Operations Clinic in Ramstein, Germany, where she guided global medical missions and was appointed physician for officers of the highest command positions. Dr Coleman is also the author of Discovering Your Own Doctor Within.


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Links mentioned on this episode:
Tribe: Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger

Aug 18, 2020

To the unconscious, the happenings of science-fiction movies are nothing more than stories. The people who have reached a higher vibration know there’s a lot of truth to stories about reptilian beings, minions, evil forces controlling minds, and all sorts of terrifying rituals taking place at the highest levels of our society. 


They seek to control and distract us by keeping us blind to their activities, so achieving high consciousness is the most powerful weapon we have against these forces. 


Humanity holds something that reptilians cannot overpower, the vibration of love. We have a way to make them vulnerable and to destroy them. It is up to us to continually manifest the golden age of consciousness through our thoughts, and to ultimately destroy the dark agenda. 


What are the operations and activities of these demonic forces? How do we combat them? Why is it impossible to beat them without raising our vibration? 


In this episode, Navy Seal Team Six operator, CIA security operative and author of The Intuitive Warrior, Michael Jaco returns. He shares astonishing information about the Secret Space Program and reptilians. 

Three Takeaways 


There is simply no other way to escape reptilians except for choosing the side of a raised vibration and love. Hate, anger, and fear may have power, but they can’t defeat love, peace, and joy.


If we’re not trained to raise our consciousness and our vibration, we’ll never become aware of the reptilian’s mission to overpower and control us. Our mental and emotional states need to be elevated to even be connected enough to see the truth.  


We can’t attract the things we want in our lives with a low vibration. If we want to overcome the negativity, we have to raise our vibration and send love to break the current that keeps reptilians attached to us.


Guest Bio- 

Michael is a Navy Seal Team Six operator and CIA security operative with expert intuitive abilities developed over 35 years of extensive combat experience. He is also the author of The Intuitive Warrior and The Awakening of the Warrior.  With over 20 years of experience as an Intuitive, Remote Viewer, and Remote Influencer in diverse environments including combat, Michael has expertly honed his skills in the higher consciousness realms.

As a master training specialist, Michael has trained thousands of people in extremely high levels of personal development. Michael's mission and life focus is to help anyone quickly and easily develop the skills for success in all aspects of human achievement. For more information and to get access to his training, visit and buy his books here.

Aug 11, 2020

When we tap into our consciousness, we become unbelievably powerful. We become strong enough to conquer our greatest fears, to heal ourselves, and to overpower toxic global energies. This power is the difference between a military trainee surviving hell week or washing out. 


The problem is, so many people are asleep to this gift we have available to us, and those without it are easy to manipulate, lie to, and harm. 


If we want to create an energetic shift, more people need to become aware of this power we have and leverage it to change the world. 


How can we push ourselves and tap into our own amazing source of power? How can we utilize our powers of intuition? 


In this episode, I’m joined by Navy Seal Team Six operator, CIA security operative and author of The Intuitive Warrior, Michael Jaco. We discuss his journey, the lessons he learned about inner strength, and how we can tap into our own intuitive power. 

Three Takeaways 

In military training, the people who wash out have never been pushed to an unbelievable level in their lives before. The people who succeed have had to dig deep and overcome adversity. 


At a population of almost 8 billion, our collective consciousness becomes strong enough to fight the powers that try to keep us asleep. 


The public perception is being controlled and manipulated at such a deep level that most people don’t even know it’s happening. But when we awaken, it becomes impossible not to see it, and that’s when we become even more powerful. 


Guest Bio- 

Michael is Navy Seal Team Six operator and CIA security operative with expert intuitive abilities developed over 35 years of extensive combat experience. He is also the author of The Intuitive Warrior and The Awakening of the Warrior.  With over 20 years of experience as an Intuitive, Remote Viewer, and Remote Influencer in diverse environments including combat, Michael has expertly honed his skills in the higher consciousness realms.


As a master training specialist, Michael has trained thousands of people in extremely high levels of personal development. Michael's mission and life focus is to help anyone quickly and easily develop the skills for success in all aspects of human achievement. For more information and to get access to his training, visit and buy his books here.

Aug 4, 2020

The last few months have highlighted that fact that we’re fighting an all out war on our freedom. Between the government, the environment, and what we eat, we’re being subject to a multi-pronged attack on our rational thinking and consciousness. 


Through optimization, we can protect ourselves.   


What we eat and how we live our lives are the biggest determinants of our health, our ability to think clearly, and function as sovereign individuals and families.

The government wants to keep us fat, sick, and dependent on their drugs because we’re easier to control and manipulate that way. 

What are some of the structures that make us more prone to this manipulation? How do we remain empowered in a world that’s trying to clamp down on our freedom? 

In this episode, I’m joined by husband and wife, parents and founders of Fat Fueled Family, Danny and Maura Vega. We discuss how to make ourselves stronger and more resilient against the poison of today’s existence. 

Three Takeaways 

  • Two factors to watch in any diet 
    There are thousands of healthy diets that work differently for different people. We should keep our focus on maximizing metabolic flexibility and insulin manipulation, especially as we age. 

  • Why we should think twice before going vegan
    Our microbiome was not designed for us to eat plants full-time, and ultimately the agenda of the organizations pushing veganism is all about money and control. 

  • How to treat food as a tool to keep our minds sharp
    If we’re not eating the right way, our brains aren’t going to work well, and that makes it so muc

Guest Bio- 

Danny and Maura Vega are the creators of the Fat Fueled Family, a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel dedicated to leading a movement that will empower families to eat better, move more, and grow closer. For more information, visit or send an email to You can also follow @fatfueledmom and on Instagram.

Jul 28, 2020

One of the most significant differences between human beings and animals is that we’re   the only creatures that have a culture, and a cognitive collective understanding that governs us. These biocultural beliefs inform whether we get older, age or achieve longevity. 


Longevity is learned culturally, it’s not determined by genetics. We actually have the ability to influence our own aging process. 


How does our cultural context impact our physiological outcomes? What can we learn from the world’s healthiest and happiest centenarians? How do we move from fear-based rigidity to horizons of flexibility?


In this episode, I’m joined by author and leading subject matter expert in longevity and anti-aging, Dr. Mario Martinez. We discuss why physical health cannot be separated from our culture. 

Growing older only takes time, aging is really what you do with the time based on your culture and beliefs. -Dr. Mario Martinez  


Three Takeaways 


  1. There is a missing link between mind and body in the aging process.
    Health and wellness are always communicated in a cultural context. 25% of our health outcomes are influenced by genetics, the rest is biocultural beliefs. 

  2. Longevity is learned culturally.
    Causes of health are inherited, but they need to be triggered. They just don’t happen automatically. 

  3. Avoid the extremes.
    People who practice any extreme health diet protocol with no room for flexibility often end up with deficiencies. If you do anything in excess and live within a rigid fear-based system, it depletes your body. 


Guest Bio- 

Dr. Martinez is a clinical neuropsychologist, founder of Biocognitive Science Institute and bestselling author. He specializes in how cultural and transcendental beliefs affect health and longevity. He lectures worldwide on his theory of Biocognition and on investigations he has conducted of alleged cases of stigmata for the Catholic Church, the BBC, Discovery, and National Geographic. 

Visit or for more information. 


Read his article Panic Is The Corona Virus’s Best Friend here

Jul 21, 2020

Until we learn to truly love and trust ourselves, a lack of self-acceptance will always lead to unhealthy behaviors. 


Even with the healthiest training and fitness routines, if we don’t love ourselves we’ll take care of our bodies with the wrong intention. The truth is when we train because we don’t love ourselves, the ends do not justify the means. 


Fitness isn’t a monolithic thing that’s only determined by how we look; it’s also about how we feel about ourselves and our overall mental health. The intention behind why we exercise matters, it must be healthy and enriching.  


Why do so many fitness-obsessed people train for all the wrong reasons, and how can we correct it? 


What should our intention be when it comes to working out and eating healthy? In this episode, I’m joined by TV and radio personality, Mike Catherwood. He shares his incredible life story, including overcoming addiction, changing his direction and achieving “real health”. 

I used to use the gym and my eating as a way to escape my reality and get outside of myself; but training should be another tool to help you get in touch with yourself. -Mike Catherwood



Three Takeaways 


Many people work out and eat healthy because they are disgusted with themselves. They pursue fitness because they want to escape themselves, and want to skip past the work of loving, trusting and accepting themselves. 


When it comes to coronavirus we can adopt a healthy mindset. Painting an overly optimistic picture of what’s going on isn’t healthy, but neither is painting things in an overly-pessimistic way. 

We can choose what we put our energy and focus on. The goals we pursue in our lives shouldn’t leave us worn out, they should enrich and energize us and make us better.



Guest Bio- 

Mike is a radio and TV personality. He is known primarily for his work at KROQ-FM on Kevin and Bean and as the co-host of Loveline from 2010 to 2016. Mike hosts the podcast Mikey Likes You. For more information or to connect, follow @mikecatherwood on Instagram. Find the podcast Mikey Likes You on your podcasting platform of choice.

Jul 14, 2020

In light of COVID-19, people are awakening to the reality that the medical system simply cannot serve us all. It’s up to us to start taking control of our own health.


Poor health makes us more vulnerable to attack- whether by the Coronavirus or any other ailment. The answer is to optimize. 


Unfortunately, not everyone has access to great information about optimization. In particular, women often struggle to find female hormone optimization experts. What are the hormone issues faced specifically by women, and how have they intensified during this time?


In this episode, OB-GYN and Women’s Health Expert, Dr Anna Cabeca joins me to discuss the common problems women are experiencing during the pandemic and how to solve them.


The power of fear, cortisol and stress causes a breaking down that robs our nerve protector hormone- which is especially powerful for women. -Dr Anna Cabeca


Three Takeaways 


Pay attention to cortisol levels
Sub-optimal hormones are a crisis, especially now. If we’re fear-driven and cortisol is affecting us, our hormones are sub-optimized and need to be addressed. To fix this, we have to understand what’s affecting our hormones.


Decompression is a necessity
With so many people isolated during the pandemic, home life stresses are beginning to take a toll on families, and often women in particular feel this more. Decompression and taking time for ourselves is not only advisable, it’s a necessity when trying to keep cortisol levels under control.


Embrace oxytocin
It’s possible to find a peace that surpasses all understanding, even during a pandemic. To find that peace, we need to embrace oxytocin.


Guest Bio- 

Dr Anna Cabeca is a Triple-Board Certified OB-GYN and Women's Health Expert. Having worked with thousands of women to help them understand and improve their health and manage their hormones, Dr Anna is committed to supporting women so they can thrive as they go through menopause. Dr Anna is the bestselling author of The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green 16, and is passionate about speaking on the topics of menopause, hormones, ketones and sexual health. Dr Anna is the host of The Girlfriend Doctor Podcast.


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